Welcome Message from the Vice-Rector

Welcome Message from the Vice-Rector

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to Philips University.

We at Philips University are delighted with your decision to join us and hope that your time with us will be a happy and productive one and that you will thrive on all the benefits that the University promises to offer you during this academic year.

Philips University takes pride not only in the quality of teaching but also the research and scholarship of its academics, all of whom are at your disposal to provide you with a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience.

This year has been like no other, with the world changing in ways that no-one could predict.  Whilst some may view the current world situation as a disruption to the traditional educational process, we must change this mind-set in order to move forward and flourish.  As Plato wrote, ‘Our need will be the real creator’, and so it is.  The need to provide and receive education is imperative and so we must take our teaching online for the time being, drawing on a wealth of innovative and technological teaching methods in order to convey the knowledge and experience that Philips University academics have to offer.  With the co-operation of both instructors and students, and the combined efforts of both, we can stay connected, provide and receive a quality education and realise that we can prosper within any given challenge.

Sadly, in-person and sporting activities must be put on hold for the moment, but with the hope to resume at the soonest possible opportunity.  With creativity and forward-thinking, new ways will be developed for social interactions and communication between the University community.  We also encourage you to take care of each other and be mindful of your fellow students, checking in on friends regularly to ensure their mental and physical well-being at this time.

Philips University encourages any student in need to come to us to ask for help and advice.  Our duty to you is not just to impart knowledge but also to offer pastoral care to every one of our students.  Our door is always open to any student in need of help.

My best wishes for a rewarding and fulfilling experience at Philips University!


Prof. Constantina Shiakallis                                                                                     April 2020
Vice – Rector for Academic Affairs