Yfantopoulos John

Yfantopoulos John, BA, Ph.D

Professor of Health Economics


Professor John Yfantopoulos is Emeritus Professor at the University of Athens, President of the ISPOR the Greek Chapter, former President of the National Centre for Social Research and Ex-president of the National Board of Public Health. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Health Economics from the University of York, UK. He has extensive teaching and research experience across Europe, and the USA (Katholike University of Leuven, University of Lyon, University of Barcelona, University of Sofia, Warsaw University, Russian Academy of Science, The Moscow School of Economics, University of Clark USA). He has worked and advised the European Commission, (Eurostat), the World Health Organization, the International Labor Office, and the World Bank. He was elected Rapporteur of the 23rd WHO Regional Office for Europe and the elected Chair of the 11th European Congress of ISPOR. In November 2008, he was awarded the ISPOR Distinguished Service Award. He participated in the Social Protection Committee (SPC) of the European Commission. He was a member of the Core Standing Committee for Social Science in the European Science Foundation (ESF) and he has conducted comparative research based on large European multicultural studies for reforming and re-engineering health systems. In 2005 in the evaluation of the Greek research centers from an international peer review committee, he received the highest grade (excellent (5)) for his scientific work, commitment to international collaboration and research networking. He has published 39 books, as well as more than 280 scientific articles in international peer review journals.