Shiakallis Constantina

Shiakallis Constantina, BA, MSc, Ph.D

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Professor of Accounting and Finance


Constantina Shiakallis is a Professor of Accounting and Finance. She is currently the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at Philips University. Professor Shiakallis served as Chairperson of the Business Studies Department and a member of the Council of Management of The Philips College, before its evolution to Philips University. She has 20 years of academic experience and has been involved in numerous research projects. Her research interests and published work focus on Capital Markets, the Cyprus Stock Market, Forecasting and Herding Behaviour. She received her BA in Accounting and Finance in 1993 from The Philips College, Cyprus, and her MSc in Corporate Finance in 1994 from Brunel University, UK. She was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Manchester, UK, in 2000.