Karageorgou Katerina

Karageorgou Katerina, BSc, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor in Medicine


Dr. Katerina Karageorgou is an assistant professor at the Nursing School of Philips University

She is a Medical Doctor Biopathologist – Microbiologist with additional specialization in public health, General medicine, and holds the following degrees:

  • Medical degree and a Ph.D. from Medical School of Athens University «Kapodistriako»
  • Master of Science degree in public health from the University of West Attica
  • II level Master MSc «European Master Disaster Medicine» Univercita del Piemonte Orientale “A. Avogadro” Faculty of Medicine and University of Brussels.

She has a long term year teaching experience at the University of West Attica in the School of Health and Care Sciences Deprtment of Nursing and Biomedical Sciences, as well, as at the Public Health School,  Dep. of Public and Community Health

She taught at graduate and Postgraduate programs at:

  • Nursing School of University of Athens «Crisis Management in the health sector»
  • Nursing School of West Attica University of Athens “Traumas and Ulcers Treatment-care”
  • New York College of Athens at the master’s level “Crisis Management in the Health Sector”

Since 2003, she has worked at the following departments of Hellenic Ministry of Health:

Hellenic Center Disease Control Department of Hospital Infections, Microbial Resistance & Strategic Use of Antibiotics, and Travel Medicine.

 National Health Operation Center (Coordinator and Head of Operational Planning with responsibilities of control, prevention, and treatment of epidemic – pandemic situations throughout the Greek territory.)

She has served as Member of the National Committee for the Prevention and Control of Tropical Diseases.

She has served as National representative of the Hellenic Ministry of Health at the NATO Subcommittee (Brussels) on Public Health threats (cross-border threats, infectious risks such as bioterrorism, pandemics, hemorrhagic fevers, etc.)

She represented the Hellenic Ministry of Health at the Health Security Committee of SANCO C3 (Luxembourg) of the European Union (Pandemic Flu session, Ebola crisis,) and at Interpol at the Victim Identification Department (VID) at Lyon and Geneva.

From 2010 to date, she has been a member of the scientific team of the Hellenic Institute of Copper Development, where she worked on several laboratory studies in Antimicrobial Copper Applications in collaboration with the Microbiology Laboratory of the Aretaiion Hospital of the University of Athens

She is a member of the Administrative Council of Hellenic Society of Crisis Management and Emergency Events and as a volunteer she obtained operational experience in crisis management and emergency cases and missions.

Finally she presided numerous times and served as keynote speaker and coordinator in round table discussions in conferences and training sessions at the national and international level, and she has many publications.