Iordanou Stelios

Iordanou Stelios, BSc, MSc, MSc/MN, PhD

Lecturer in Medical and Intensive Care Nursing (Visiting)


Dr. Stelios Iordanou is a Nurse Officer (RN, Ph.D.) with a special interest and training in infection prevention and control, and he is working since 2011 in the Intensive Care Unit of Limassol General Hospital (State Health Services Organization).

His professional Nursing studies began in 2005 (Nursing School – Ministry of Health, Republic of Cyprus) and continued at university level as follows:

  • 2008 – 2010 BSc in Nursing Studies – (Cyprus University of Technology),
  • 2010 – 2012 MSc in Healthcare Management – (Frederick University Cyprus),
  • 2012 – 2014 MSc on Advanced Nursing Practice Emergency and Critical Cardiac Care (Cyprus University of Technology), and
  • 2014- 2018 Ph.D. on Infection prevention and control in ICU (Cyprus University of Technology.

He was a Visiting Lecturer and a Special Scientist in undergraduate and postgraduate university-level students.

He worked as an Instructor to ATCN, PHLTS, and other trauma management courses.

He is amongst the 11 members of the Cyprus Nursing and Midwifery Council who he holds the position of Vice-President, and one of the 5 members of the Disciplinary Council for Nurses, elected and appointed by the Ministry of Health. He is also the Vice-President of the Emergency and Intensive Care Nursing Board, of the Cyprus Nurses and Midwife association.

His research interests are associated with infection prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections and their resistance, medical/surgical, and intensive care nursing.

As part of his Ph.D. work, he won the 2018 United Kingdom patients-safety award in the infection prevention category and the International Council of Nurses, declared his work as a case study 07 July of 2020.

His publications have been cited by international organizations, including World Health Organization.