Bakouros Ioannis

Bakouros Ioannis, BSc, MBA, Ph.D

Professor of Technology Management and Innovation (Visiting)


Dr Yannis Bakouros is a Professor of Technology Management and innovation, Founder and Head of the Research Laboratory of Technology Management (Mater Lab) of the University of Western Macedonia. He is a member of the Senate of the University and Chairman of the Regional Council for research and innovation (PSEK) of Western Macedonia.

He is responsible for the actions of Regional Development, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation of the Innovation pole of Western Macedonia, The Innovation Observatory and the virtual Technopolis of the wider region of Western Macedonia. After receiving his PhD in Production Unit Management, he was a Board Member, Technical Consultant, Production Manager and Sales Manager in industrial, commercial units and consulting firms.

He has participated as a Scientific Officer in more than 100 research – development programs and projects designed and implemented in Greece and Europe with emphasis on South-eastern Europe and the Balkans, related to his main research activities, such as Technology Management, Regional Development, Regional Competitiveness, Civil Protection, Crisis Management, natural disasters, cross – border policies, Innovation Strategies, Information Management networks, reliability-maintenance, Industrial Hygiene and safety. Dr Bakouros has published a significant number of articles and reports on relevant research and development projects.