Distance Learning

The pedagogical model applied by Philips University in Distance Education is based on the structured pedagogy of e-learning, the creation of which took into account the conclusions of decades of relevant experience from higher education institutions from all over the world.

At the same time, this model was enriched with the philosophy and ideals of Open and Distance Education.

The course structure and the relevant productivity tools offer you flexibility through a personalized, self-regulating and heuristic path to knowledge, throughout your studies at our University.

Consequently, at our University, a specific pedagogical method is applied, which is supported by a Study Guide for each course, thus constituting the backbone of each Curriculum offered by the Distance Learning method.

This pedagogy is in complete agreement with the main objectives of each Course, Distance Education and the evaluation of student performance in an electronic environment.

The pedagogical model used in each Curriculum includes a personalized training package that enables you to access material that –

• has been offered and posted on the online platform and
• has been discussed with the Professor or Lecturer in a face-to-face meeting or through a teleconference.