Work and Organisational Psychology

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Work and Organisational Psychology



Course Description

The course allows students to study big questions about work and organisations: (e.g. does a perfect leader exist? Is it possible to be a happy and a productive worker? How to deal with work stress?).

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a thorough grounding in some key areas of Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP). The aim will be to examine the contribution that WOP theory and research can make in contemporary organisations.

The objective is to provide students with a critical understanding of research in the area by giving you the opportunity to discuss the cutting edge research findings and some WOP interventions. Also, the course will encourage you to take a scientist-practitioner perspective to organisational behaviour.

As such, the course will be relevant to those students who hope to develop expertise in the area of WOP which is central to ensure productivity and well-being at work in the contemporary organisations.