Third Clinical Practice

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Third Clinical Practice



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This particular Clinical Practicesupports students to implement at the community   environment, the acquired knowledge relevant to nursing care offered to individuals, vulnerable groups, family and the community as a whole on matters of health promotion prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

It is well known that Community Nursing  

  • is provided on the basis of fundamental principles and values, like respect and with great regard as well as through the facilitation of self-promoted and self-produced development/progress/advancement/improvement, which is unique to each individual, in combination with a patient-participating and personal approach.
  • Has at its epicenter, the community, the health needs of individuals in their normal daily, home, school and work environment

Contributes towards the reduction of the consequences of physical and mental illness as well as towards the maintenance of the correct functioning of the individual. It also provides primary prevention, promotes   the wellbeing of individuals and contributes towards the improvement of public health.