Software Development with Agile Scrum

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Software Development with Agile Scrum



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Organisations wishing to “go agile” are faced with changes in all levels, including changing their work mentality and organisational culture as well as learn how to be quick, nimble and adaptive. Becoming agile requires embracing a different set of values and principles, thus, establishing a mind-set which is strongly based on collaboration and focused on delivering customer value. Agility improves quality, productivity and time to market.

Scrum is one of the most well-known agile methods and the most widely used agile framework at the moment. It provides the management framework to control contemporary and complex software development using a range of iterative techniques. The aim of this course is to explain and apply Scrum in detail, from understanding the theory and foundations behind the approach to its practical applications and constraints. Team roles, backlogs, planning poker, sprints, meetings, potentially shippable products and other SCRUM elements will be explained in detail. Students will have the opportunity to apply Scrum in practice based on a contemporary rea-world case study.