Practical Application of Public Law and Administrative Procedure

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Practical Application of Public Law and Administrative Procedure



Course Description

The first part of this course (Exercises of Public law) aims to introduce the student to the practical application of the rules of Public Law based on the knowledge acquired by the student while he was taught Public Law courses. Through the multidimentional presentation of their application in practice, the course helps the student to understand the coherence of Public Law as a field of legal science. The approach to the issues of Public Law in practice is done by highlighting them through the simultaneous overview of theory and jurisprudence. In this way the student is aware of the critical legal issues through real cases. This has as a result the required deeper knowledge of Public Law to be achieved.

The second part of the course (Administrative Procedure exercises) has as a purpose to provide knowledge of the general procedure system that provides legal protection in general disputes of public law. It analyzes the administrative disputes and the provision of legal remedy (temporary and final) to each type of them in particular. It also analyzes the structure of all courts, that hear disputes over public law, in general. The analysis of the procedure rules is done with the parallel reference to the jurisprudence of the CJEU and the ECtHR.