Practical Application of Civil and Civil Procedure Law

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Practical Application of Civil and Civil Procedure Law



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Course purpose is to re-teach the issues taught in the previous semesters in both substantive and procedure law and emphasis is placed on distinguishing critical facts from legal concepts and provisions, in selecting the appropriate, applicable rules of law, the formation of the major proposal of judicial reasoning as well as the subjective procedure in combination with the interpretive procedure of the law, so that finding a solution is consistent with the correct methodology. Practical topics are selected from all fields of civil and civil procedure law. The introduction of students in basic concepts, thematic and epistemological developments of civil procedure law. In this way, students realize the relevance between civil and civil procedure law in the application of law. The course’s purpose is through the synthetic utilization of legal knowledge to sensitize the student regarding the practical application of private law. Teaching is mainly based on the processing of court decisions and the active participation of the student. The course’s curriculum is renewed every year, covering, among other things, issues of the law of civil liability with emphasis on tort and statute of limitations, issues of pending and litigation as well as enforcement.