Indiividual Project I

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Indiividual Project I



Course Description

The final year project is at the heart of your programme of study. Employers often require that students are able to tackle non-standard problems, organise their work and meet deadlines, demonstrate a high level of commitment, have a clear awareness of their target audience and present and justify their results in various forms.

This course therefore aims to provide students with the relevant  knowledge and skills to:

  • Perform thorough research, specify, design, implement and test a software product
  • Critically evaluate the work of others in the field and relate this to their own work
  • Create, plan, organise their work, drawing on and extending ideas, methods, techniques and skills learnt during their degree.
  • Enhance their ability to critically evaluate and reflect on their own academic and technical work by the means of a written research output, their technical product and the process of its production

The output of this course (feeding to the second semester) would be a formal project proposal, approved by the project supervisors and an initial contextual report providing the theoretical basis of students’ chosen work.