Human Resource Management in Health Care Settings

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Human Resource Management in Health Care Settings



Course Description
  •  Increasingly, human resource management is recognized for its strategic importance in organizations and services, particularly in healthcare services and shiFTs beyond its traditional role of being a means of supervision and compliance.
  • In today’s environment, every person in a managerial post of healthcare organizations must become able to support the strategic importance of HRM, find ways to be more flexible and responsive to change and, adapt to changing forms of healthcare services.
  • In addition, HR personnel  must be trained so as to use technology to communicate effectively with other employees, and assist them to  develop  new skills and also, develop  more effective methods of measuring and rewarding employee performance.
  • The course also gives emphasis on improving the understanding of the historical context and current conditions of leadership and HRM in healthcare organizations and on developing the essential skills necessary for effective management of human resources
  • Finally, due to the continuous learning needs of the industry (due to the high rate of innovation and technological developments), the need for effective training and motivation of staff has become urgent.
  • The aim of the course is to gain knowledge and understanding of the role and function of the effective management of human resources in the field of healthcare services.
  • The objectives of the course are –
  • Provide in-depth knowledge and skills of modern human resource management analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare providers in relation to human resource management policies and practices
  • Understanding the role of human resource management in relation to the other functions of a healthcare service organisation
  • linking external factors (economy, globalization, organized labor, legislation) with the development and role of human resources in management and planning
  • Understanding and analyzing the processes involved in staff issues
  • Providing knowledge on the use of specific methods of managing and maximizing performance in a healthcare organization.