Healthcare Management & Leadership

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Healthcare Management & Leadership



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This course provides an introduction to health management with a focus on four of the major tasks confronting managers of health care organizations. AFTer an introduction to management and organizational theory, the course focuses on organizational strategy, the management of change and improvement, leadership development, and the management of human resources. The objectives of the course are:

  • Theoretical background of the modern Management as a way to develop an efficient Health Care Service Organization
  • Conceptual approach of the term “Health”. The Management of Health care System. Institutional framework. Purpose and objectives. Basic features
  • Resources-coefficients of the Health Care System. Analysis of resources from economic theory standards. Combining and decision making for Health care Services provided. Developing funding.
  • The Pyramid of Health. Regionalization-decentralization of health Care units. Troubleshooting Health Services problems. 
  • The developmental need for health care a business plan at central and regional level
  • Comparative presentation of Health in several Health Systems of different countries.
  • Valuable information on an issue of major import to health care.
  • An emphasis on the management of human factors
  • A persistent focus on the customer as a guide for decisions