Health Systems and Health Policy

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Health Systems and Health Policy



Course Description

The purpose of the Health Economics course is to familiarize students with the subject and importance of Health Economics in order to gain the necessary knowledge about the role and application of finances to health and health care.

Specifically, subjects considered are:

  • the allocation of scarce resources and how decisions are made to allocate them to the health system,
  • the role of government intervention in the field of health care,
  • the way health systems are evaluated as well as the health policies,
  • the challenges facing the health sector today and how to address them.

It is noted that Health Economics is looking for ways to maximize the health of the population based on the limited health resources available to a given society.


The objectives of the course are:

  • offers a thorough introduction to the science of Health Economics,
  • illustration and application of various methods from the microeconomics to investigate, how the health care system operates and assess the impact of the various policies applied;
  • deepen issues related to efficiency, value and behavior in the production and consumption of health services and healthcare
  • Explain the functioning of healthcare systems
  • To apply financial models, techniques and Decision Theory to answer key health care questions and explain behaviors that affect health status.