Evidence Based Nursing Practice

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Evidence Based Nursing Practice



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Often called the research-practice gap in the field of healthcare research, the time between discovery and practice can be as long as 15 years. Evidence-based practice (EBP) helps close that gap.

EBP in health care has become imperative for patient safety. EBP involves a conscious use and application of various knowledge sources, including the use of published research in conjunction with clinical expertise and patient values and preferences. The process of EBP includes that health-care personnel formulate structured queries, and then conduct searches of databases from which they acquire trustworthy and reliable evidence. Further, they must then critically appraise the research for its reliability, validity and applicability to a clinical context.

Furthermore, students will explore how-

  • research-based discoveries are improving healthcare.
  • research topics such as ethical and cultural issues, methodological procedures associated with scientific investigation and potential barriers to evidence-based practiceand why research is substantiated and understand the importance of timely implementation of nursing and healthcare advancements.