Epidemiology and Public Health

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Epidemiology and Public Health



Course Description

The purpose of the Epidemiology and Public Health course is to help students understand the basic concepts of epidemiology. The course will present the basic statistics of the frequency of diseases, as well as the significance of correct sampling for the avoidance of random and systematic errors during an epidemiologic research. In addition, this course will go over measures of outcome frequency and screening measures that are used in public health, as well as the concepts of internal and external validity of outcomes. Finally, this course will cover the subject and design of different epidemiologic studies.


The objectives of the course are:

  • offers a thorough introduction to the science of Epidemiology,
  • illustration and application of various methods to investigate, how Epidemiology aims to contribute to Public Health promotion and to the implementation of rational and correct healthcare
  • measure the frequency of the occurrence of different outcomes in health sciences and to estimate the characteristics that determine this frequency.
  • deepen on associations, and in particular associations that connect determinants to the different outcomes frequency.