Environmental Risk Management

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Environmental Risk Management



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The purpose is primarily to introduce the general concepts, principles and objectives of the environmental legal framework, on which the regulatory framework of environmental risk analysis will be based. Students should then be aware of the stages of risk analysis, acquire the skills to document the predicted risk and be able to evaluate all the information they will collect, on a scientific and social level. They will learn about the general concepts of sustainability, environmental costs, and environmental impact analysis in economic, social and environmental dimensions. It will develop students’ ability to analyze the environment and the natural resources that man receives, in economic terms, while complementing the knowledge with the possibilities of impact assessment through indicators, for environmental actions.
They will be taught Ecological Risk assessment and will be familiar with the categories of Environmental Management Systems. As part of the Environmental Management Systems, they will be informed about ISO 14001 and EMAS, while they will complete their training with the environmental impact assessment study.