Addiction Evaluation Tools

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Addiction Evaluation Tools



Course Description

Providing students with the necessary tools so that they can obtain:

  • Understanding of basic elements of psychological evaluation
  • Basic skills of taking a history, clinical observation, clinical interview
  • Familiarity with basic psychometric concepts such as the psychometric method, reliability, validity, weighting sample etc.
  • Familiarity with the administration and analysis of important psychometric tools for personality assessment (MMP-2) and cognitive functionality (Wechsler Scales)
  • Familiarity with the administration and analysis of specific psychometric tools related to substance and alcohol use as well as general addictive behaviours
  • Special knowledge of analysis of the psychometric personality questionnaire MMRI-2, regarding the assessment of people with substance / alcohol use as well as analysis of the questionnaire for people with addictions
  • Special uses of psychometric evaluation of addicts for judicial purposes