BA in Public Relations and Communication

A lot of people have an ambiguous understanding of what Public Relations is and the various benefits it offers to businesses. Very few, however, understand the true impact that the profession of Public Relations has. Public Relations is one of the most effective ways to develop, build and maintain a brand’s or an individual’s solid positive reputation and image, both of which play a key role in the increase of the brand’s credibility and revenue. 

Thereby, Public Relations practitioners play not only a key role in increasing a brand’s credibility and later on in increasing its profits, but also by changing and enhancing the way people think about a brand.  Choosing a career in Public Relations offers multiple opportunities in different areas ranging from corporate to politics and entertainment.  Public Relations practitioners are and will remain in high demand in order to aid brands to reach their audiences, convey their messages in effective ways, communicate and develop relationships with the brand’s stakeholders (including consumers, investors and reporters) and build and maintain their corporate reputation and public image.    

The program of study is recognized by the Quality Assurance and Certification Body of Higher Education (CYQAA) which certifies and ensures the quality and high level of education offered by Philips University.  The BA degree in Public Relations and Communication is adapted to the needs of modern society and is suitable to equip each student with the strong communication skills necessary to promote and manage the image of companies, organizations and public figures, as well as the media and social networking.

Foremost, this program of study is fully recognized by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), UK, which is the only Chartered professional body for Public Relations practitioners in Europe. This certification ensures the international recognition of the degree’s quality. Therefore, graduates of the degree in Public Relations and Communications from Philips University are also awarded the CIPR recognized course status.    The purpose of the BA in Public Relations and Communication program is to provide graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills related to Public Relations, Communications, Media and Marketing, which are necessary and highly valued by a diversity of contemporary industries.  This program of study was developed according to the needs of the modern digital age, which gives its graduates a competitive edge since it prepares them to gain a foothold in the emerging job market.               

The curriculum offers a wide range of knowledge and skills adapted to the context of modern times and society. The program includes the areas of Corporate Communication, Digital Public Relations, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Media and Social Media, Public Relations, Strategic Communication Management and Crisis Management. At the same time, the BA in Public Relations and Communication offers opportunities to gain professional experience during the program through the participation of students in an internship. 

This program stays up-to-date with current affairs and technological advances through the use of relevant software and tools and exposes students to the industry perspective. Moreover, it aims to enhance students’ progression and employability by providing them with the necessary tools to further their studies and engage in research and/or secure a job in the Public Relations sector and related industries.

Philips University’s BA in Public Relations and Communication helps students develop skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the market:

  • Business Knowledge – knowledge of how companies and similar sectors of Public Relations, Marketing, Media Communication and Promotion operate and collaborate effectively.·         Technological Skills – understanding the effective use of media and social media to promote a company / product / service as well as to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with consumers and investors.
  • Media Management Skills – successful communication and networking with press representatives, journalists and social media influencers for successful image promotion and customer reputation management.
  • Communication Skills – written, oral, visual communication skills necessary for successful dissemination of information.
  • Organization Skills – successful organization, management and organization of events and projects.
  • Organizational Skills – successful management of programs and activities designed for customers

Our greatest asset is our people. Philips University is founded on the most contemporary academic concepts and practices, being born out of the experience and expertise of internationally renowned academics. Each academic plays an important role in contributing to learning, teaching, research and support across the department to serve students’ needs. We employ expert academic staff and a large number of our academics have also previously worked in industry. Our academic staff is also research active in a wide range of related topics.

Our teaching philosophy is focused on the individual’s needs, contemporary relevance and preparing students for a changing future. Philips University places great emphasis on an integrated student-centred approach in order to achieve and fulfil each student’s academic, personal and professional goals.

The program aims to enhance students’ progression and employability by providing students with the necessary tools to further their studies and engage in research and/or secure a job in the Public Relations sector and related industries. Apart from our dedicated Careers Office, students have the opportunity to gain professional experience during the studies through their participation in an internship.

The program of study, including its content and assessment, is developed according to the industry’s need for enhancing students’ employability.  Due to this, throughout the course emphasis is placed on scenario analysis, case study work, group coursework and development of PR campaigns. 

Students who select a degree in PR will have a number of opportunities from which to select from upon graduation. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has projected a 7% growth for Public Relations specialist jobs from 2019 to 2029.

When students study at Philips University they will not only join an outstanding academic community with a strong reputation for success but they will also gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to turn their studies into a rewarding career. Graduates of the Philips University BA in Public Relations and Communication program can pursue employment roles in areas that include:

  • Public Relations firms
  • Marketing companies
  • Media organizations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Public Affairs companies
  • Corporations
  • Government