An Announcement by the Rector

Philippos, the Founder
Academic Colleagues
Administrative Staff, and

We feel grieved because in compliance with the special Law issued by the government, the Philips University had to close its premises in order to protect ourselves and our community against the threatening pandemic COVID-19.

The period for which the university will be inert is uncertain.

We understand the concerned disappointment of the Academic and Administration personnel, but most importantly of our students who, overnight their classes were interrupted and suspended for an indefinite period of time.

The Philips University, solemnly promises when the sanctions are lifted it will do its utmost to restore its operational status, and fulfil its obligations towards its students.

As far as classes are concerned, the university will continue to provide lectures through an eLearning platform.
All students are urged to follow the lectures online for their own benefit, and easier comeback when the university reconvenes.

Dear All,
Be safe; stay home and most importantly be optimistic and courageous. It will be a great pleasure to see you all again at the University.

Professor Natsopoulos Demetrios