Pavlou George

Pavlou George, BA, MA, Ph.D

Associate Professor


Dr. George Pavlou is an Associate Professor in Communication and Mass Communication. He holds a BA from Ball State University (USA), an MA from Ball State University (USA), and a PhD from Wayne State University (USA). He previously served as a faculty member and Academic Dean at other institutions of higher education, teaching Communication and Media courses. Prior to this he taught in several universities and colleges in the United States, including the University of Dallas, Texas, and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He also taught at the University of La Verne of California, at its campus in Athens, Greece, and the American College of Southeastern Europe, in Athens Greece. Additionally, he has lectured at several colleges and universities in Europe as a Visiting Professor. 

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Athens Journal of Social Sciences and the Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communication of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) in Athens, Greece.

He published a book and several scientific articles on D. W. Griffith’s visual syntax.