Koutsouraki Eleni

Koutsouraki Eleni, MA, MA, Doctorat, Post Doc

Lecturer in International and European Law


Branches of international law include, among others, human rights law, environmental law, international economic law, refugee law, humanitarian law and international criminal law. The EU legal order is also one of international law as the supremacy of EU law is based on the principle of the supremacy of international law obligations over those originating in the domestic legal orders of the Member States. 

Currently, Dr Koutsouraki is lecturer in International and European Law at Philips University. She is focusing her research on human rights, asylum and migration in the Member States of the EU. She is also Attorney at law and member of the Legal Unit of the Greek Council for Refugees. Since 2009, she has provided legal assistance and representation to refugees in France and in Greece before national authorities, courts and the European Court of Human Rights.