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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Objectives

Our Mission
The Mission of Philips University is to provide high-quality research and teaching by attracting, developing and retaining highly-qualified staff and students with outstanding academic potential. Through appropriate processes of continuous improvement, the University aspires to excellence of quality in all aspects of its work and aims to develop a culture in which both students and staff can contribute significantly to the advancement of society.


  • The promotion of knowledge, science and education, encouraging critical thinking and intellectual growth, to students and the community.
  • The cultivation, production, dissemination, application and exchange of new knowledge and the use of the possibilities offered by technology.
  • The provision of recognized high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Our Values

The community of students at Philips University, the faculty, the staff and alumni all rely on shared deeply held values that guide behaviour and actions.

Above all, we at Philips University value intellectual integrity, freedom of inquiry and expression and the equality and dignity of all individuals. These values form the foundations of ethical conduct in research, teaching, learning and service.

We value excellence in teaching, research, and creative activity that enriches learning experiences, advances knowledge, inspires engaged citizenship, and promotes public good.

We appreciate learners from all age groups and walks of life and strive to provide an intellectually-rewarding educational environment for all.

Our Vision

Philips University aspires to be recognised as a leading university amongst public and private universities in the region by providing high-quality teaching and research to the community. Our process for identifying how to achieve our fundamental goals relies on input from students, faculty, staff and alumni.